Black & white photograph of unidentified US Life Saving Service keeper & seven crew members in standard uniforms pulling a beach cart. Station building in foreground.


The U.S. Life Saving Service (USLSS) was a forerunner of the U.S. Coast Guard. Prior to the Treasury Department assuming authority in 1878, life saving services were conducted mostly on a volunteer basis.

The Team - Leadership

The Team - Executive

The Executive Team is the operational hub of the entire National Coast Guard Museum unit. Featuring both civilians and military personnel, every other NCGM office can be found administratively under the Executive Team.

The Team - Contracting & Accounting

Contracting and Accounting serves as the economic heart of all NCGM operations. From day-to-day purchases to large-scale funding and budgeting, Contracting and Accounting helps to ensure that the museum project financially stays on track.

Photo: Sailors in the U.S. Life-Saving Service posing in a boat in dry dock, holding their oars aloft and accompanied by their dog. Taken about 1910 the Black and white photograph with caption written on front reads:

Creed of the United States Coast Guardsman

I revere that long line of expert seamen who by their devotion to duty and sacrifice of self have made it possible for me to be a member of a service honored and respected, in peace and in war, throughout the world.

The Team – Exhibits & Programs

The Exhibits and Programs team is the creative arm of the NCGM unit. Working on projects such as interior and exhibit design, narrative development and historical research, Exhibits and Programs serves to bring the Coast Guard’s story to the public.

The Team – CG Museum Facilities, Grant Management & Public Affairs

Our Facilities, Grants Management and Public Affairs teams embody versatility while functioning in areas as diverse as government funding, community outreach, online communications, and security.

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Join the National Coast Guard Museum team

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Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities for service on the National Coast Guard Museum Team as docents, tour guides, and involvement in many of our different events and programs.