Construction rendering of the National Coast Guard Museum

About the Museum

Coast Guard history brought to life through inspiration and engagement

National Coast Guard Museum Facts

  • Located in historic downtown New London, Connecticut
  • 83,000 sq. ft. total building space
  • Deck 00: City Pier
  • Deck 01: Atrium, MH-60T Jayhawk 6022 & Coast Guard Hero’s Theater
  • Deck 02: Safety (Exhibits)
  • Deck 03: Security (Exhibits)
  • Deck 04: Stewardship (Exhibits)
  • Deck 05: STEM Center, Event Space & Memorial Terrace
  • 5 Wings (Lifesavers Around the Globe, Enforcers on the Seas, Defenders of Our Nation, Champions of Commerce and Protectors of the Environment)
Black and white photograph of about 20 mounted beach patrol galloping along a beach.

We are an eclectic mix of civilian and Coast Guard members

Helmed by Museum Director Elizabeth Varner, the team strives to carry out the museum’s mission with the highest standards of excellence, authenticity and professionalism.

Meet the Team
Photo: Crew pictured on shore with ocean in background. The crew mostly wearing hard-hats and safety gear pull at a uninflated orange boom.

The National Coast Guard Museum

Supports Coast Guard missions by inspiring and engaging with the public to celebrate Coast Guard members and their accomplishments in the past, present and future.