Color aerial view photograph of the National Coast Guard Museum Construction Site taken Aug 2022 during the Bulkhead and Fill process of the project.

USCG Build America Buy America Act (BABA)

The USCG Build America Buy America (BABA) waiver was signed by U.S. Coast Guard with reference to manufactured products requirements applicable to the construction of the National Coast Guard Museum.


The U.S. Coast Guard is proud to promote and support implementation of BABA. The Act represents an historic shift in how the nation builds things and avoids supply chain disruptions in construction. The Coast Guard embraces this opportunity to help build a resilient supply chain and manufacturing base for critical products in the United States and to catalyze investment in good-paying American manufacturing jobs and businesses.

The Coast Guard does not routinely provide Federal Financial Assistance to infrastructure projects. Through a unique Congressional appropriation, the Coast Guard is making a single financial assistance award to the National Coast Guard Museum Association (Association) for construction of the National Coast Guard Museum (NCGM). It is in the immediate public interest to proceed with this award and construct the NCGM expeditiously.

Section 70914(b)(1) of the IIJA authorizes the Commandant to waive the requirements of Section 70914 in any case or category of cases in which they find that applying subsection (a) would be inconsistent with the public interest. Due to the limited resources available, unique nature of the project and interest in constructing the NCGM in a timely and cost-effective manner, and for the foregoing reasons, imposing the BABA requirements on the NCGM project that initiated project design planning prior to May 14, 2022, is not in the public interest.

To view the Build America, Buy America Act signed waiver, please click this link.